The Guardian Legend (NES)


Aww! You’re so sweet, game!

After playing it for the first time, I can report that The Guardian Legend is really, really damn good. The sheer scope of the game is amazing for the NES: 23 space shooting sections linked by hundreds of screens of overhead dungeon levels, ten different weapons that can be upgraded three times each and utilized in both gameplay modes, RPG-like character improvement, moody and memorable music, and stylish graphics.

If you like fast-paced vertical shooters with tons of enemies to blow away and a huge selection of upgradable weapons that you can switch between on the fly, you’ll love this. It’s made by Compile, after all. If you love overhead action-adventure games in the Zelda mold, you’ll…like this.

Yeah, if the game has one flaw, it’s that the adventure segments aren’t as fully realized as they could be. The enemies don’t have much personality and don’t pose much of a threat. More importantly, there aren’t really any cool secret areas or items to be discovered. Everything’s pretty much right out in the open, as far as I can tell, since I was able to get all the weapons and upgrades without uncovering anything resembling a hidden area. Definitely some missed opportunities there. Still, these sections still work fine as a change of pace after the frantic shooting sections. When your heart is pounding after just barely overcoming a tough boss, it feels good to get shuttled back to the labyrinth to chill out and hunt some upgrades at a relaxed pace for a bit. And for what it’s worth, the overhead section are definitely better than Blaster Master’s.

In terms of challenge, it’s only average if you explore the labyrinth throughly for power-ups, but since seeking these out is largely optional, you can also increase your difficulty level (to a potentially extreme degree) just by deliberately avoiding these pickups.

So, in conclusion: The world needs more Guardian cosplay and I need an adorable plush lander.


2 thoughts on “The Guardian Legend (NES)”

  1. The Guardian Legend is likely my favorite shooter of all time. I’ve said that I don’t usually play many shooters, but this one, with the RPG-lite elements and the relatively forgiving difficulty, plays like a dream. I even love the overhead sections, even if they aren’t as fully-realized as you say. Sometimes, when a game “feels” right, I will cut it slack in other areas.

    Also, the password “TGL” will let you play all the shooter stages without the exploration bits, so shmup fans have something to sink their teeth into if they don’t care for the Zelda-style half of the package.

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